Thursday, February 16, 2012


Have you ever been apart of something that you just got, and understood the importance of ?
I remember when we planted our church, and how we wanted to make the vision that God gave us so clear that our congregation could repeat it and say it within a 30 seconds to anyone who asked. Doing this allowed them to know our hearts, see where we were going, and take ownership.

Love God, Love People, Change The World.
Love God - Using discipleship to grow people's relationship in the Lord, and that everything we do must come under us Loving God.
Loving People - Loving people right were they were. intentionally loving them. How often do you recognize your leaders ? People who greet, run the nursery ? They must feel loved and valued.
Change The World- The great commission going out into the all the world and sharing the gospel.
Could be thru providing quarters at the laundry mat, free childcare, giving water bottles to people when they come out of the bar at 3:00 in the morning. The list is endless, but basically to serve.

I know several churches that have such a "Simple" approach to their vision and church.
WE as a body of believers and ministry leaders complicate things so much .
We have programs for programs and we keep our calendars full and busy.
We spin a bazillion plates at one time praying that one won't hit the floor while the others are all spinning.
However is your vision or lack of vision so complicated that you aren't even taken care of your first responsibilities.
1) Your relationship with the Lord
2) Your relationship with your spouse
3)Your Children
4)Your Ministry/Job
So often #4 dictates #1-#3 umm how backwards ?!?!?
My friend Melissa Elswick recently said in an online conference.
“Tip the scale toward ministering to our family first, our children are our most important disciples. Don’t just say yes to a good thing… say yes to a better thing… your family.”
My friend Angie and her husband planted a church and have had a huge life changing event, but in that so much good has come. I know Jon & Angie will someday be able to share how out of balance people have come in ministry. Check out this post here. If your critical of her thoughts, I can pretty much tell you that's the Holy Spirit tapping on your shoulder saying (cough cough).

So back to my main point - Vision.
Keep it follow able by people in your church.
Become Fearless but Fear the Lord (If God is leading you to do something, but you don't want to ruffle feathers, you will ruffle more by sitting and doing nothing, and you will lead your church to a slow death, and probably your family.)
Most of all Have a Vision. (winning souls isn't just enough, people want to see and understand the "how" behind it, and know what happens once they find Jesus). Not only does a lack of vision not lead the people in your church, but you'll go thru staff so quick because they have nothing to follow.

If you have lost the vision, you have lost the passion or your church is controlling the way you Pastor or lead your doing nothing more than prostituting yourself to believers trying to get them to buy into a mystery of your ministry.
Eventually, you will loose them because they don't know where they are going or what to follow. All ministries in your church should support the main vision of the church, if they don't peace out, that ministry needs to go away!

Last story, I remember when we were felt God leading us to pass off our church plant to someone else. The feeling of starting over, moving or having to go to another church, and learn their problems (all churches have them) was exhausting.
However, I feel so strongly if we would have stayed the church would be falling apart because God was done with us at this church. Staying longer would have been detrimental.
Part of having Vision is realizing when you have done what God asked and when it's time to move on. You may be holding your church back or you could be missing a HUGE blessing God has for you!

Final thoughts - If any of the above is you, it's never to late to shift the tide. Have a simple vision that is the umbrella of your church that all other things fall under. If it's not under the vision umbrella - it's gone.
Don't exhaust yourself, your family, your staff, your friends, and mostly your relationship with the Lord all for the sake of busy, and lack of vision.

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