Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Rewind.

Holy Moly can I just tell you that busy is not better, and today as Friday is hitting I crave being a Mary and shoving the Martha 6 feet under.
The last week or so has been insanely busy.
In ministry there is times where you can control your schedule and times where you can't.
I let it get out of balance a little bit this past week and I'm pulling the reigns tight, so if you want a piece of me take a number and I'll see you in March, okay or on Pinterest.
Saturday 4th - House of Prayer in the PM.
Sunday 5th - Church, & Super Bowl Party @ Friends.
Monday 6th - Date Day with my hubby!!! (I preserve that as much as humanly possible!)
Tuesday 7th - Caught up and worked on Valentines & went to grocery store)
Wednesday 8th - Church in the PM
Thursday 9th - Bible Study in AM & Hubby and worship practice in PM
Friday 10th- I spoke at Mops (family time that night @pizza hut and ice cream!)
Saturday 11th - Dinner party at our house for 25 people
Sunday 12th - Church in AM, Soup dinner for missions after service, Valentines Banquet in PM
Monday 13th - B0o only got a date lunch because hubby had to go to mtg. Sectional Council in PM
Tuesday 14th - Valentines Day - I organized my oldest daughters party at school, awards ceremony and family dinner.
Wednesday 15th - Real Life Rally meeting & Church
Thursday 16th - Board Dinner PM
Saturday 18th- Pinewood Derby in the AM, but we are not participating we will go and say hello and have a family day.
Sunday 19th - Church, Business Meeting (annual) PM.

In the middle of this my hubby had a sinus infection that he lovingly passed to me, okay I asked for it. He wouldn't kiss me because he didn't want to get me sick but I MADE his kiss me, and well he's better and I'm not. Bottom Line, MY FAULT.
My youngest got the same thing.
My two older all had puking episodes somewhere in the middle of that.

I am 100% convinced that we all got our sickness ailments because we were run down and exhausted! This momma will be pulling the chains a whole lot tighter and protecting my babies and hubby a whole lot better. I control my calendar, and I should. I understand their are busy seasons, and my husband and I are 100% all in, but if we are exhausted and run down everyone including our family will get left overs.
Balance = Good Thing.
Team player - great thing
However sometimes people on your team need a time out, before they burn out.
I remember in our church planting day's trying very hard not to fill the calendar to overflowing so our volunteers wouldn't burn out.
Busy isn't better.

What's on your calendar that you can purge ?
Are you being intentional with your church calendar ?

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