Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night Meltdown.

Last Sunday I had a conversation with a friend at Starbucks, and we got onto the topic briefly about being raw. I said sometimes I leave blogs in "waiting" or on "hold" until I have gotten over the emotion of what I was writing about and can read over it again, and change the tone.
Today I ask myself is that being real, or is that having wisdom ?
I am going to dare to say it's a bit of both.

So I have decided that your going to get a raw me on Sunday Nights.
When I'm tired.
When I'm emotional.
When I don't have much left.
Why ? Because that's the real me.
Maybe just maybe it will reach out to someone, who thinks they have to hide....
thinks they have to carry it all.
Maybe it's just for me.

So Sunday Meltdown 2/20/11

Creating a culture of people who willing will serve is difficult. We do have some awesome volunteers and I can't wait to see God bring us the ones we are praying for.
Children's Ministry is an area that I think will be ever growing, ever changing and ever evolving. Did you know that I don't feel "Called" to Children's Ministry ?
What I do feel called to is serving in a capacity that God needs me to, which means serving in Children's Ministry and other areas to allow others to be in service.
Did you know I'm not perfect and make mistakes in this area ?
We are praying feverishly for God to provide for our needs in this area. We are needing to split to 3 rooms, and need more workers, and we would love to hire a children's/family Pastor. I love this problem. It means we have the opportunity to speak into the lives of children every week.
Will you pray for some solutions to this problem ???
So although I don't feel called I do what I need to do to make it work, and help create an environment where the children can thrive and learn about Jesus.

Okay enough about our awesome children!

Sunday's sermon: Put A Ring On It.
I actually saw this sermon title last year, and forgot about it, but as my husband and I were working on our Love Struck series this title came back to my mind and just fit.

The sermon was on SEX.
Yup we went there. So many people are shocked that this would be discussed in church but guess what EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE else is talking about. So why not know what God says about it ???

We established the Marriage and the Marriage bed and what God intended.
We went over pain,shame,regrets.
We talked about how it's not a bad word and how it is intended to be a beautiful thing when used in it's proper context.

We gave several ways to keep to a commitment and to honor God.
Did I mention my hubby and I did this together ??? It was really fun, and only a little awkward. (His parents come to our church)

Then we decided to help be the solution. When we looked around us, talked to couples and heard what they all had to say we knew that offering a wedding was the best option. So many say it cost to much, just not sure where to start.

So this summer WE ARE HAVING A WEDDING!!!

We will be doing pre-marital counseling for any of the couples who are wanting to honor God with their commitment.

Then we will be providing Wedding Decorations....
A Cake.

Invitations to send out.

Flowers to carry.

We will also be providing a photographer.

Why are we doing this....
So many churches want to point out the sin...
Point out how awful you may be for having sex...
For living with someone...
We want to point you to the truth...
We want to help you honor and follow God...

We want to take you back to your
"Once Upon A Dream"


Jennifer said...

Yay for Sundays in the Raw. You guys did awesome on the sermon today. We'll join you in praying for the addition of a Children's Pastor, too.

dunlizzie said...

Yes, Yes, Hoorah for Sundays in the Raw! Thanks for the transparency. I also love what ye are doing with educating folk on the Biblical truth of marriage and sex. You are exactly right, the world makes it quite visible from the get go, if we want people to know God's truth on the matter than someone has to be willing to share it. Our youth group ended up being all girls this last week, which just happened to be a discussion on purity and worth. Some of them had never heard of such notions of being valuable and precious, especially in the context of relationships. The leaders reported such a real time of breakthrough and a sweet sense of identity through God's eyes being poured out. So keep on sister, as you help people in this journey of marriage! God bless :)

Pam said...

Wow, what an awesome idea!! I wish we lived closer so the kids could be part of this and I could help:-)
Milledgeville is so blessed to have you guys there!
Love and miss you

Amy said...

Wonderful idea Rachel! I LOVE it! What a God honoring incredible day that will be!

Wendy said...

Being yourself is definitely a blessing. Letting others see that life is simply life, even for you is great and opens even more doors for opportunity to minister! Looking forward to getting to know you better!


Rachel said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the wedding idea!! LOVE IT!! I want to come!!!

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