Friday, February 18, 2011

Worth It.

Valentine's Day.

Many years this day has held unnecessary expectations.
Having to out due every other date of the year.
Great Sex.
In our home those expectations in my mind were never met. I built it up to something that was not even possible. The day usually ended in a argument because I was to selfish to admit that my expectations that were way high in the first place were not being meet.
Now it wasn't because my husband didn't try because he is amazing and ALWAYS does his best to meet my needs, wants, and desires.
We came to the conclusion that we have awesome, fun dates all thru the year and those have no expectations because of a "day". It's just us. 365 days are dedicated to us loving each other like crazy so why on earth do we put so much pressure on Valentine's Day ?
So this year.... We decided we would give up 1 day since 364 days we get to sleep in each others arms. We decided on this 1 day we would dedicate to those who didn't get to have that significant one with them, or haven't meet them.
I cooked a fun dinner, used our great china, Lit some candles and when we were all done eating we tore down the table set- up and got our Wii on.
Nothing over the top.
Nothing spectacular.
Just a fun time with some great people.
Worth Every Minute of giving up our Valentine's Day to share with others.
My expectations were beyond met and we had a great time!!!


Josh Fidler said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am so guilty of having such high expectations that I often find myself completely stressed out during times that are supposed to be FUN! I think what y'all did is a great idea. You have such a sweet heart!

Emily :) said...

Oops! That above comment was from me! Ha! My hubby NEVER blogs, and he did for the first time in forever today. I didn't realize it was signed in under him!

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