Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Definition of Chocolate = CRACK.
Totally addicting.
Must have.
What is it about chocolate that just makes you go ahhhh life is better (until you get onto the scale), at which point you freak and swear off all chocolate for the rest of your life...

My friend Lisa made this and I was sold. I have made it now way to many times to count... well wait on my scale I can.

This is Brownie Trifle.

You will need: Brownie mix or already made brownies
Sweetened condensed Milk
8oz cool whip
16 0z cool whip
1/4 cup water hmm or was it 1/2 cup... I will have to look and see.
3.9 oz chocolate instant pudding mix.
ice cream carmel topping
Heath Toffee Bar Bites.

1. Mix together Sweetened Milk, water ,8 oz cool whip, pudding mix.
2. Cut up brownies and put in bottom of trifle dish or big bowl.
3. pour.... I mean drizzle the carmel on top of the brownies.
4. layer the chocolate mix you made over the brownies.
5. sprinkle heat toffee bar bites on top.
6. spread cool whip layer on top of the bites.
7. Repeat.
8. On top of the last layer of cool whip i put more heath toffee bar bites...

The picture above doesn't show chopped bites but that's what I use :)

What's your favorite Chocolate dessert ?


BARBIE said...

Oh this looks so good. I will have to archive the recipe, as I will be off sugar beginning tomorrow for at least 40 days! It will be a nice treat when I am able to enjoy it here and there again.

Anonymous said...

OH YUM! Going to bookmark this!!

Anonymous said...

I made this tonight for my son's bday party tomorrow. Can't wait to dig in!

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