Friday, January 15, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday.

So I'm totally stealing this from Amber :)
She post every Friday why her hubby rocks. So i thought i would do it today :)

This past week has been full of fun and adventure, and new and exciting things! While i'm helping him get the job done, sometimes it's not with such a pleasant heart.
Right now my wonderful husband is putting up with my mood swings from moving, my temper tantrums about home schooling and overall just me trying to embrace what God is doing in our life. He is such a sweet and kind man. He doesn't ask me to do anything out of reasonable limits, he loves me unconditionally, and he loves all around him. Just as i was typing this he called to ask me if i knew where our jumper cables where, somehow they jumped out of the car... i thought instantly how can our van be having any trouble and it wasn't ours... he stopped to help someone on the side of the road. He has an agenda today, but i love how he is so flexable, and just rolls with things (unlike um cough cough me :) .
I love you sweetheart, even when i'm being a hormonal women!

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Anonymous said...

Ah that is so gorgeous - I think I am going to start copying what you copied from Amber ha ha! What a lovely idea and our men do need all the encouragement that they can get don't they?

Great post thanks for the idea :)

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