Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dreams Come True.

In my last post i showed you some of the progress we have made on the church.
Every single $ spent is out of our own pocket. Now i don't say that to pat ourself on the back but right now we are living on a prayer. We were blessed with a tremendous love offering and severance pay when we left our home church in Michigan to start the church in Georgia. However that money is only going to last so long and stretch so far.
We believe in what God has spoken to us about this area and we feel it's worth the investment.
This being said our greatest friends, Pastors, brother sister in Christ however you want to put, some of the most special supporters in our life were going to Disney to run in the Marathon. We are only 6 hours from there so we found a cheap hotel and decided let's go for it. We told the kids we would do 1 day of Disney. However expenses racked up quickly at the church and we started feeling it best not to go to the park, and i began to pray that God would make a way. Can i just tell you that God blessed us with AMAZING friends.
I was getting ready to tell the kids we weren't going when i got the text that someone wanted to bless us with FREE tickets to Magic Kingdom!
So I still told the kids that we had decided it was best for our family if we didn't go to Disney, and they looked really down, but then I told them that God saw and heard mommy's prayers and he cares about not just our needs but our wants, dreams & desires! I told them we were blessed with the tickets and they were so ecstatic that God loves them that much, and now it wasn't just something we got to do but it was something that God wanted us to do! That he cared enough to lay it on someone's heart to collect $ and send us! So to all of you who were apart of making that day happen for us, well you succeeded in blessing our socks off! It was the greatest day EVER! We got to spend it with Pastor Jim & Dena, and it was one of the first "Normal" days i have felt since we moved. I posted a ton of pictures on facebook so hop over and enjoy!

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