Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Family Room.

Wow what a whirlwind life has been the last umm week and a half or so.
I got some great pictures to show you! Really excited about them actually!
We are doing a church plant in Georgia, and we were given a facility to use. It's WAY out of date but we don't have a mortgage on it, and it has a parsonage that is being rented out so that is income for us! Praise God!
We are starting our church core with small group type atmosphere to get to know our core dream team and to really invest our vision to them. Our home is not a place for that. We are 12 miles outside of town and it's not conducive to meeting right now. So we know we needed a spot to have our small group and also to host the adults so we took what we had and beautified it!
Ikea here we come!!
We spent so many hours with 3 kids... at the church painting, cleaning, putting furniture together etc... so glad it paid off! I personally think it's gorgeous!

Before Pictures of the overcrowded Office. Big Furniture.
and here it is now... a bright cheery kids room. We still have details to finish but you will see so far...

The picture frames still need to filled with smiling faces of little children :)

This is the area where are smocks will be hung, tissues, cleaners etc will be out of reach of young ones. we plan to have every child wear a smock to protect their clothes, booties over their shoes to not bring in germs.

This is the story area where we will do songs to dvd's for now, and we will also have a short story time, while the adults are having their time in small group.
Here is where a lot of work went. Before a room that is very WHITE and sterile.

After = a comfy cozy place where people can pour their hearts out, challenge each other and love Jesus! So excited for small groups to begin!


Tanya said...

WOW...the transformation is super impressive!! You have done a fabulous job..very warm, clean, current and inviting. This must be an exciting time for you and your fam!!

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic!!! your hard work paid off.

Amber said...

wow, what a great change! it looks wonderful! good job girl!

patty said...

Love, love, love your kids room. I want to re-do the ones in our church, I might have to steal an idea or two!

Shash said...

You did such a great job. My 9 year old daughter was leaning over my shoulder reading with me and she was shocked at the before and after pictures of the livingroom area. EW she said at the first picture and WOW was for the after picture. It is amazing!!!

Rachael. said...

Thanks Ladies... that's so funny Sash my 21 month old says the same thing when we walk in the building ewww mamma ewww. lol.

Shash said...

Rachael - You wanna hear a small world story?? I know Tanya's (first commentor) dad!!! :-)

p.s. where did you get the couches, I love them.

Rachael. said...

Ha that is so funny!

Couches were from a local place that sold them to us at an amazing deal.

We got the 2 love-seats and 2 couches for $1200 including delivery!

fransmomma said...

oh. my. goodness!! these are incredible transformations! the rooms look fabulous, and can i just say i love ikea! :) our playroom is decorated in the same stuff. lol.

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