Friday, January 15, 2010

Children's Ministry

So Children's Ministry is all NEW to me :)
Yes my children were involved at our last church on a weekly basis but because of my responsibilities I was not really ever involved in that dept.
So for you ladies out there that read this blog that have helped with a church plant or started a church plant can you tell me how you started your children's ministry ?
We are starting small group next week with a core group of people and i have been selected to supervise the children. We will have anywhere from infant to 6 years old. So.... while the adults are learning and studying i want the same for the kids. I realize a 2 year old has no attention span for listening to stories but i know they can do some other things. So just would be curious how did you start ?


Anonymous said...

i hope you were able to get in touch with those 2 people from my church. i know they could really help!

the kids at our church right now are 2 and 3 (mostly) and they are memorizing Bible verses, learning stories and SIMPLE concepts! so don't underestimate those little ones! :)

MOTIONS to the Bible verses is the key! :)

keep them moving. read the story (remember, keep it short and simple), then do a game about it or the concept for the day, then sing a song, then read the story AGAIN, then do a craft (color, playdoh, etc), then have a snack, do the Bible verse, etc. o, don't forget a potty break!!

our kids also start EVERY week with the 3 SIMPLE rules. they go over them EVERY week. caleb (my little one) actually looks forward to them! not at home mind you, but for whatever reason at church he likes them! :) we have a yellow rope that they cannot walk past - keeps them in the room. they really respond to that and understand it.

i hope you can get a hold of zac or sara. but i wanted to add my little thoughts. let me know if there is ANY way i/we can help you guys more!!!

blessings girl!! :)

Acacia said...


Just some ideas:

. Check out 252 Basics Curriculum , they have toddler and infant too called First Look
I know with just starting there probably isn't money for the curricilum although their prices go by the size of the church.But they also have free examples on their site and could give you a core to base your program off of and some GREAT IDEAS. ( They have key goals ie: Put God first, )

. the top concern is safety, make sure to implament a security check in at the well as remember at the beginning you set the standard of what you expect for years to come.

As a church plant we are starting with Bible study Wed, and will launch the Sun am in Feb with a big outreach and major launch in Easter. As well as hold life groups on Wed at the church with a bible study for the kids downstairs.

The thing I've also found that the kids love as I'm sure you already know is Worship and its something that a mixed age room can do together.

You will do GREAT!!


Tanya said...

252 Basics Curriculum is great and the really "userfriendly" part about it is that all age groups are learning the same thing each week so with mixed ages it might be great for you!

Dana said...

I'm a bit late here, but something that is helpful to us is to target the younger children. The older kids can act as helpers, and help explain the lesson to the teeny ones. I like a curriculum at They have lots of free samples -- check out the preschool section. Keep it as active as you possibly can, given your space and noise limitations.

Good luck!

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