Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Parade.

It's parade time in Georgia!
We found out on a last Monday that there was a parade in our new town that we moved to. So we decided on Monday that the parade was a great opportunity to let people know we were going to be coming to the area. So we signed up! The only thing is that the parade was on Sunday. That gave us less than a week to pull everything together. Phew.
We decided to just use our van as our float. On top we put some cut Christmas Trees and some gifts. On each side of the van we put Coming Spring 2010 The Family Room and then we put our website. We jammed out to fun Carols blasting from a sound system in the van.
We printed business card size flyers advertising from them to go check out our website and we would enter them in a chance to win $100 Christmas gift from us to them. We have had a great response! We also walked amongst the people and passed out candy canes. It was a huge hit and we heard from numerous people that no one really does that. We shook hands, said Merry Christmas, and stirred up excitement about The Family Room!
I'm so excited about the things to come. We have a ton of work and we are praying that God will send us our dream team to help!

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Amber said...

What a great way to get out and meet and greet the community! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! So glad there were lots of prospects!

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