Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is How We Christmas Decoration Addition

Yeah how much fun is this! I'm so excited to be the one to get to bless someone with $50 gift certificate to The Vintage Lane. Make sure you link up over @ Lisa's aka The Preachers Wife to play, and show us your Christmas decor.

This year is way different for me. There is no snow to set the decorating atmosphere, and I'm in a house that well let's just say doesn't make you want to decorate. So not all my decor made it out this year (just moved 4 weeks ago).I also am a Pottery Barn junkie and everything needs to be perfect and matching. Not happening. Not yet at least. However, as i pulled ornaments out i realized how much i truly love my Christmas collection. Each piece have memories and this year that is what I need and want the most is memories. This is a strange Christmas having just moved. I know God has us right where he wants us! I'm going to embrace it.

Here is a little taste of how we do Christmas.

I just got this in the mail from my best friend in Michigan :)

We picked this up in disney a few years ago. It's so gaudy but gosh such great memories. Plus it's pink so that's just a great thing!
This is my favorite. It's from our old Senior Pastors wife in Michigan. I got it 3 years ago. She wanted me to know that I was the perfect peace of the puzzle for our team and that we are a piece that fits right in. Miss that lady like crazy!

This is in my kitchen. Usually you can find it decked out with snacks and goodies. Peperment Bark, Oreo Truffles, Buckeyes and on and on and on....

I love my front door!

This reminds me of home in Michigan.
Who doesn't love snow globes ?

We gave the "Hope" ornaments out 2 years ago to our worship team for Christmas. We had just completed our first Christmas Album "Hope Inside". Many memories with this one.
We all have matching Pottery Barn stockings with our names on them. I have them hung on an old antique wooden ladder with some greenery and such inside. I love them!

Thanks for stopping by I can't wait to see all of your displays!


Fiona said...

Love all your ornaments, especially the snow globe.

Emily :) said...

Rachel, I love all of it! I especially love the puzzle ornament. That must have been so encouraging! I pray that this will be a special Christmas for you in your new home. (And oh yeah, I am totally planning to win this thing. I love your stuff!) :)

Amber said...

Everything looks great! How awesome to have another staff wife to give you the puzzle piece ornament. Wow, what a wonderful woman she must be, so thoughtful! And, you must ahre recipes for your Christmas goodies soon!

O Mom said...

Oh, love that pink Mickey ornament, and your cute stockings!

Julie said...

I am in love with all of your decorations! And your front door, I love that wreath!

Rena said...

Love the table in your kitchen area.

LOVE all of your Christmas decor.

And that first ornament--my fav! So cute!

Rhonda said...

It looks wonderful! Love the wreath:)

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic, rachael!!!

love the puzzle piece ornament, what a great idea, gonna google those right now.

Crystal said...

I love all the stories about your ornaments! Beautiful wreath too!

Wanda said...

Purrrrrrrdy! I love it all.
So many sweet things. Very nice!

patty said...

Love your door! It looks so inviting. Don't you just love how ornaments make us feel so special when we pull them out and look at them year after year? BTW, I haven't forgotten about ordering (although now I hope to win the gc--what a lucky gal that will be) I've just been gone for most of the last two weeks. We'll hook up soon. I've been blogging and telling everyone about your etsy site. Your work is so gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Love your door wreath and the puzzle ornament is special isn't it??

Hope you have a Merry Christmas girl!

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