Friday, August 12, 2011

North VS South Weather Version

So me being from the North (Indiana) and living in Michigan for several years have a love for snow and fall :) However I have also lived in New Orleans and now here in Georgia where all things are Hot and winter is a wet cold.

I know that people think I'm nuts for loving the North and it's great weather, however I just don't see pleasure in 100 + degrees everyday for months (where we live now), It's plain nasty and sweaty.

When I lived in the North there was an Elite group of people who called them self "Snowbirds". They leave the North and the beginning of Winter and head to the South mostly Florida and enjoy the 70-80 degree winter weather there.

So if you could choose weather wise, would you live in the North or the South ???

Oh and for the record I don't mind cold and snow for like 6 months of the year I do mind 100 degree's + for over a month....

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Jennifer said...

Definitely in the North! I grew up in "true" upstate NY (30 min south of the Canadian border, across the lake from Vermont!) and have seen -40 degree windchills and 4ft of snow blizzards. I would choose those over 100 degree temps ANY day! I say that you can always put another layer on if you are cold, but you can only take so much off if you are hot! :) We still live in Western NY and see cold and snow, but also enjoy the fall leaves and spring flowers. I like the change in seasons and the fun of seeing and anticipating something different every few months.

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