Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fear Struck Down....

So I have a had a few fears in my life.
I know fear isn't from God, however this is something that has been ummm very real in my life.
Since living in the area we have lived in the last almost 2 years, some people have suggested for me to get a weapon.... specifically a gun. Ummm NOOOOO!!!
I hate them. Backstory to why I hate them but I do. Everything about them.
Well today I was at a birthday party and they live on some acreage and well the opportunity presented itself. With the encouragement from some friends I shot it!!!
I had tears, and was scared out of my mind but I did it.
That puts me no where closer to purchasing one or having one in my home, however I held it, and shot it and well.... not sure how I feel but I did it.
Here are a few pics....
Oh and yes I'm in a skirt (at least i traded the heels for flip flops)
Oh and my stomach is sticking out and ummm making me look prego and I'm totally Not... I blame on camera angel.

So please tell me a fear that you need to stand on.... even if its completely strange!!!


SmokeyAngel said...

I had a fear of guns myself. After being "forced" to own one (long, I fell in love with mine. But I'm still terrified of spiders!

Melody said...

My fear is that my recurring nightmare will come true where I'm standing in the middle of the street in my white Sunday slip. I odd is that.
Oh, and snakes.

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