Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My random thoughts.

*Complete sad to me that my two oldest have been back in school for almost a week.
(I'm a mom who actually gets sad when my kids go back to school)
* My hair has had 3 hairstyles in less than a month. It's true. Before I took a two week journey back up North I had it cut. When I got to Michigan again I felt a little bit more edgy so chopped some more. Than I got blessed with some fabulous highlights.
(Here is a funny side view of the final hair, and yes I'm pretending to kiss this fabulous chic! She is my BFF)

* Returning from out 2 week journey to the great North my daughter Ellianna became scared of her room. We have prayed, switched the worship music, tried different stories before bed. She doesn't even want to play in there ??? Any suggestions ??? Seriously this came on so randomly??? Isn't she cute thought ?

* Pretty sure if Child Protective Services get's a hold of this next photo I would be locked up. When in reality we had been in the car for way many hours (talking double digits) and we had stopped to get slushies and I thought it would be funny to post on fbook how tired they all looked and that yes we were getting slushies in our pj's. I however did not pay attention to the backdrop one bit. Yup super mom right here!

Shaking head.

* Please tell me that you share your love with Pinterst ??? It's got so many amazing goodness posted and I'm just getting into it! Do you need an invite leave me your email in a comment and I'll add you. However please don't blame me when your up at 2:00 in the morning on your iphone laying in bed addicted to this goodness!!!

So tell me something new with you!!! I am spending tomorrow with coffee, my couch and catching up on all things techy related. Including my fab friends blogs who I have missed!!


Cheryl said...

As I was perusing Pinterest yesterday during naptime, I remember thinking, "This is just the greatest thing!"

BTW, on a ski trip with the youth from our first church, someone snapped a picture of me & my hubby under a BudLight sign. Niiiicce. Good thing that was before FB!

Kristy said...

Love the haircut, LOVE Pinterest, and laughed out loud at the pic with the Corona backdrop!

Melody said...

This post totally cracked me up! Love the picture of your daughter in the chair...too cute and the Corona backdrop was hysterical! Love it.

I would love an invite to pinterest. Heard about it and need an invite.

I'm wondering if playing with your daughter in her room will help some....like on purpose play time there that you might normally do somewhere else in the house...or do something new and fun as simple as benderoos(kmart $5) or whatever it might be in her room. We go through phases like this with our two as well. It will subside soon.

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