Friday, November 12, 2010

Shocked. Sad. Not Surprised.

So last week I posted this poll and out of the 87 plus of you that follow my blog and the 1000 or so that hit it weekly only 20 of you took the poll.

My heart was so sad to see the results.

The question was: "What is the biggest area that is hurting your marriage ?"

This was geared more towards ministry women but really goes for anyone.

40 % said Lack of $
30 % said Disconnected
25% said Ministry taking up to much time
5% of you said Young Children.

Which one am I shocked over you ask ? That only 5% of you say young children and 30% said disconnected...

I would like to hear your take on this. Click anonymous or send me an email

I have a couple post that will be coming up to hopefully hit on these topics! Love you girls and please know that your not alone!!


Pamee said...

So SORRY I didn't vote only because right now... NONE of those hit my area of marriage! IF it was years ago... the lack of money AND young children would have been at the top of my list!! BUT right now my marriage is going GREAT!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

If I had to choose the biggest stressor in my marriage it would be raising a toddler. Hardest job we have ever done!

Blessings :)

newbie pastors wife said...

I voted Ministry taking up time - we don't have kids yet, and since we don't have kids to worry abotu not having anough for - beign broke has actually brought us closer. We are both full time students (he's in his final year of seminary) so when we added a church on top, we do find we barely see eachother at times, but God is protecting our marraige and we're still doing great.

BARBIE said...

I was one of those who voted for the disconnected. After 22 years of marriage, four children, full time jobs, losing our home, walking through my husband's layoff, financial struggles, etc. we both crawled into our little holes at time. My husband is extremely introverted and me nope, I am the other extreme. It's hard to find the time to just be alone and connect.

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