Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Friday?

So tell me are you all about it or can't stand it and want to stay inside all day and hide from it ?
I love the sights, the sounds, the smells.
I go with no agenda (other than a peppermint mocha from bux) and have fun people watching and just taking it all in. If I find a great deal then I'm happy but if not it doesn't really matter.

So do you venture out ?
What are your top stores ?

This year I will be working on black Friday and I'm really excited about that! I really I'm. I love helping people find the perfect gift at a great deal!!!

Oh and what time will you brace the madness ???? 4am or earlier ?
This year I think I'm going to go to Tanger Outlets at Midnight!

Tell me all about your Black Friday...


jennifer.harrell.scott said...

LOVE IT - the earlier the better =)
I won't go without a partner in crime tho heeheehee
Have fun at work this year!

Tracy: said...

I LOVE IT!! It's a family adventure! We hit Starbucks, shop til we drop, go home, have left overs, nap and wrap presents!! FUN DAY! (didn't start liking it until the kids were older though)

Amber said...

Honestly, I HAVE NEVER BEEN. I know I live a sheltered life. But, Ive just never been......

BARBIE said...

My daughters and I go out, but not too early. We usually stop at IHOP for breakfast between 6:30-7:00a. As I never have too much money to spend, people watching is what we love. We get coffee, look at all the bargains, shop, have lunch and go home. It's a great way to spend some fun time with my daughters.

Pam said...

Love it. Heading out shortly for the night! Nothing really on my list for buying, but want to be part of the madness as my hubby would say:-)

Hope Ford said...

Hi there! :) I'm a new follower and love your blog!!!

I have to say I HATE black friday lol - I'm not a big shopper and feel dizzy from all the crowds whenever I do step out of my house on black friday lol! BUT I love hearing about the bargains people were able to find! :)


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