Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty Please!!!

Hey guys this is so beyond simple.

My husband Benjamin Scott posted a video on Youtube and needs you to simply click the link and watch him sing... not to hard. I don't think you even need to watch the whole thing , however I think you would want to!

If you would leave a comment that would be awesome too!

They are narrowed down to the top 5 with the most views and then the production staff at The Fish 104.7 will pick a winner to open up for the Celebrate Freedom Concert in September. We would also win $10,000 for our new church that we just started, and to say that this would help would be an understatement! We would also win $10,000 for our family which would also be a huge help right now!

You can go watch everyday (I believe), but really the goal is to spread it to others who have never heard it so if you could repost the link to your friends that would really help!

Thank you all so much!!!

Here is the Link to the Youtube Video

You may have to copy and paste the link..

Oh and if you leave me a comment telling me you watched i may have a surprise drawing for a prize!


Melody said...

I did it....I think. I clicked the link on your that good enough? He is a great singer....loved that song. I hope you win!!!! Let us know if you do.

Tracy: said...

Did it too! Love the song! : )

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