Friday, June 18, 2010

3 In 1.

Our anniversary was back in May and so was Mother's Day. This coming weekend is Father's Day. We have been so busy and have not had time to celebrate so we decided to celebrate all 3 in 1. Shark-boy's Events yesterday's almost kept us from going away. With an all clear from the Dr. and an EEG not until next week, we felt peace about leaving for our getaway.

We snuck off to Six Flags Water Park and played like kids all day on water slides, sipped smoothies and relaxed in the lazy river (well not so lazy river).

Then we went back to our hotel and took a little nap, got cleaned up and headed to dinner.
After dinner we paid $10 to get into Stone Mountain Park. This was were I first hung out with his family several years ago when we were dating... okay more like 9 years ago!

We got there at night and just as the Laser /Firework show on the mountain was going to start...

Went back to hotel and slept in until this morning... so nice to do.
Hit up a little town called Madison and went and did some window shopping in the historical district.

It was a great time away, for us and our kids.

You know the best gift you can give your kids ? A healthy marriage. Can we really afford to get away like that... No not really, however we made a way. Sacrificed other areas to invest in our marriage... Because it's worth it and important...

How about you, what do you do to keep your marriage healthy and kicking ???


Emily :) said...

So glad y'all had this trip! I absolutely agree that it is so important to make your marriage a priority. It has gotten easier for us moving back close to family b/c we've been able to steal lunch dates and run to the store and stuff like that by ourselves. Sometimes my hubby just runs up to the convenience store for some fountain drinks and candy to eat after the kids go to bed while we watch TV.

I also just blogged about another activity we might consider.... :)

patty said...

So glad you got to get away! It's so important. It really doesn't matter what you do as long as you do something.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a chance to get away for a while!! Y'all needed it!! =)

Kara said...

Time away with the hubby is priceless!:)
Thnx for visiting my blog. I read your profile and it seems we have a lot in common especially in the arena of church planting. That is what is happening in our world. We are about to nail down location in TX. I'll keep ya posted and can't wait to read more of yalls journey.

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