Friday, March 5, 2010

Take Him Out of The Box.

I know this may not mean much to anyone else reading this blog, however to me I want to record every moment. The good, the bad, the pitfalls all of our church planting experiences.
God is blowing us away!
Here is the deal we have become bold in asking God to give us the resources we need. Wether that be borrowed materials, or things given to us because we asked. The bible is clear about asking! Ask ~ and it will be given to you. Seek ~ and ye shall find ~ Knock and it shall be opened up to you. So here is just a few things going on in the church planting world...
* God moved an incredible family down to us this week from Michigan. They uprooted their whole life, family, job it all. They came to help us start this ministry! Yeah God!
*He is providing resources. We have been given some flat screen tv's for the words, and scriptures to be put on during the service....HUGE!
*The Church roof was damaged by hail and it's being replaced by insurance money!
*Our home church in Michigan is coming down and doing an AMAZING remodel for us to get the building up to code for kids, and for adults.... seriously so EXCITED!
*We are borrowing chairs from another local church... they offered us to borrow extras until we can afford to purchase some!
* And a HUGE possibility that the shaggy green carpet is coming up and being replaced!
*I had an amazing time with a young women that has had a really rocky road in life. God has huge plans for her and she is open and receptive.... she has a gorgeous smile and is very very friendly! Watch out Milledgeville that smile just may lead you to Jesus!
*We are making our service launch preparations, continuing our life groups, reading the new testament.... Ready In 30! the whole new testament in 30 days! We have also began to get our ideas for
I Heart
M'ville into action..

A few of the ideas....well i won't share yet but they are AWESOME! Seriously if you live in Milledgeville you need to come to life group on Wednesday at 6:30 to get involved in all that is going on! Don't you want to be apart of lives changed ?
Take God out of the religious box we have put him in and let's go lead people to the truth of the cross... the power of love.

I'm going to start a list on my side bar ------------------------------>
of things that we would like to have. Some may seem silly to ask for but really we are walking in his foot steps and if popcorn and movie outside this summer will lead a family to Jesus then you better believe we are going to ask for a popcorn machine!

If your family would like to bless our ministry it is all tax deductible thru the church so just email me at for details!

What cool things is God doing in your life right now ?


Melody said...

Hey excited about what God is doing for you guys. He truly is our ultimate provider. I'm excited that He is making a way for your Body to do the things He has called you to do.

Cool stuff God is doing? We've been watching him drop people right into our path that need to know him and are seeking Him. He has paved the way for great conversations...some have included presenting the gospel and others are still very preliminary. But it's been exciting to see. God is at work all around us and I praise Him for that!

Amber said...

God is awesome. So thrilled to hear of all that He is doing. Thank you for your sweet testimony and giving God the glory!

Jessica D. said...


Sydney said...

I told you his timing was perfect! :) I am glad everything is starting to look up! I am thinking about coming Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing the miracles with us! I love seeing God provide, it always amazes me. From the littlest detail to the biggest expense, He is so faithful.

Let's see, cool stuff happening here:
We just got back from an amazing weekend retreat with our High School students. I loved seeing them bond and grow closer as a group as they grew in their faith. It was wonderful to see God move in their lives. We are so thankful!!

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