Thursday, February 18, 2010

Polka Dot Walls.

So we are currently living in a VERY TEMPORARY house. It is to say the least a huge sacrifice and a huge adjustment from what we are used to. There are a few major major issues like the roof leaking, mold, and an occasional mouse.... yikes!

The one thing that is driving me batty are the little black sugar ants! Yes Sugar ants.
These things are seriously straight from the pit of &$%#. Yes fill in the blank, the preachers wife said a curse word.

These little babies are attracted to anything... If you leave a baby wipe out that has some form of sugary substance it will find a way in thru the wall or window seal or shower and make a line. Yes, just like in the books when we were little the ants marching to the happy picnic. I more like to think of them like in Honey I shrunk the kids. Remember those HUGE ants... yes those... that's what I'm referring to.

So the other morning my 4 year old comes into my bathroom and calls for me. I said yes, he said momma when did you paint polka dot's on the wall ? Uh yes i got in there very quick and realized a wall in my bathroom was completely covered in ants. AHH. Let me just tell you, that even when you kill them they find a way back. We are still dealing with the polka dot wall several day's later! The culprit to bringing the ants in... a single solo grape in my trash can. Please remind me that my 22 month old does not know any better...

One more ant story... So i was huge 9 months prego with my first little angel and we were cleaning out the closet in the spare bedroom... you know the one you NEVER go in until you have to. Yup that one. Well i opened it up and there was my wedding gown all zipped up (because you know i never had it cleaned). I though aw how fun to unzip it and open it and look at it! Uh think again..... it was covered in sugar ants.... Yes please scream or gasp with me as you read this... because I seriously freaked out. Me in all my glory with a huge 9 month prego belly flipped out! I grabbed the dress and spent the next several hours peeling and picking off these annoying little black specks off my dress. I will not even tell you who told me to spray RAID on my wedding dress.... lets just say it was not my hubby (smart man)!
The reason those darn ants were on there in the first place was kinda my fault... On our wedding day i blessed my husband with the cake smash and well he got me back and some loose cake went down the front of my dress... to my knowledge i thought it was all good.. sigh.

So tell me what is your worse insect, rodent horror story ?


Amber said...

Ohhh girl...I totally feel you on the ant problem. When we moved south we found a new ant. Although these ants never come inside they cover the ground outside. They are fire ants. And, they are everywhere. It makes it very difficult to relax when my little one is playing outside because if she gets bitten it stings horrifically, swells up, and creates this strange puss pocket. It is the weirdest thing ever. Everyone around here is kinda used to it....but I HATE THEM with all my heart. They are torture.

Acacia said...

I was about 12 yrs old at my Grandmas house and was helping change the outlet covers. I thought no big deal I'll take the outlet cover off and just as I did, 200 wasps most dead fell out all over my arms, I screamed running down the hallway ripping off my clothes. It was horrible.

One more, we lived in an old house and we had been hearing noices in the vent. I went to take a bath and kept hearing scratching so I got out in my towel and looked at the vent and their were claws coming through the vent and scratching, I wanted out of the bathroom now. But went to open the door and condensation and oldness the door was stuck. Finally after what seemed like hours the door opened and I ran out. Needless to say we moved shortly and never discovered the rodents.

Tanya said...

About 9mths ago i brought my 5mth old daughter and 2yr old son down in the morning to get some breakfast and came face to face with a 5ft long neon orange snake in my living room...I live in Onatario snakes DO NOT roam freely around here. We later found out our neighbour had lost it 4 MONTHS before and never told anyone!! The experts said it was probably living in our pipes all that time and came out because it was hungry...eek! I had a hard time returning to my house even after it was gone.

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