Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where my girls at & a giveaway :)

If you are in the ministry or married to someone in the ministry or you have a parent in the ministry or you used to be in the ministry... you get the picture will you please post a comment saying who you are and your blog :)
I'm making A Girlfriends With A Purpose Blog Roll and would like to include you in it!

I love blogging and reading about what is going on in your life and praying for your needs.
So will you pass the word on that i'm looking for some girls for the blog roll ?

I know there are lot's of list out there so why make another one right ? Well simple answer is there is no way we have all met....

So in your comment...
Your Blog address
Your Name
Your position/or hubby's position

Oh and did i mention i was going to give something away ????
I'm going to give away to the first random # i draw a copy of

Let me just tell you if you have not read it go read it. Go to Lifeway, Amazon or the Christian Bookstores and pick one up to read and then pick up one for your pastors wife! Really it's that good!

Then i will draw another random # and they will win this book....

This book is actually wrote by my best friend! I love this girl with all my heart and this book will really bless your socks off. If your a mother you need to read this book! If you have a child with special need YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK. You can purchase it here...My Saving Grace. However you can try and win one first....

Let's get rolling on a blog roll... can't wait to visit you all.


Anonymous said...

i'm the first one!!! i'm the first one!!! :)

Vicky Wilson
Church Planter

love you girl!! looking forward to "meeting" all the girlfriends! :)

Shara said...

Shara Campbell
my hubby is a Student Pastor

Jessica D. said...

Jessica Dietzel
My hubby is now a Lead Pastor!!! ahhh

patty said...

Patty Leigh
Senior Pastor

And, you girls come on over to my blog and leave a comment on this post:

for a chance to win a copy of Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner. I especially think some of you might like it since it talks about hymns vs. praise choruses and he gives his hilarious take on it! Friday is the absolute last day before I choose a winner, and I'd love for it to be one of you!!

Amber said...

Hey girlie, you know me!

Married to the Preacher Man - Sr. Pastor

Pamee said...


I am Pam Booher
married 32 years to the Sr. Pastor

I have 2 blogs... my personal one -

AND I have a photo one... I am doing a 365 one with a verse to go with each pic for this year -

Jennifer said...

Yay! another way to connect with other pastor's wives!

I'm Jennifer and I blog at
and my hubby is the senior (ONLY) pastor :)

Melody said...

Hey girl! So glad you are doing this.

Senior Pastor's Wife

And I so want to read both books!

Rachel Esther said...

Hi! Coming over by way of the PW's forum...

I'm Rachel of Empty Handed

and doing a 365 with some PW girlfriends at

Pamee - heading over to check yours out now!

My dad's a Pastor. My husband is a Pastor. And I am a high school chaplain/youth worker (9 years this year! - currently working in a girls boarding house - good times!). Ministry family.

Emily :) said...

I look forward to meeting everyone!

I'm Emily @ Speaking the Truth in Love and Laughter

I'm married to a preacher man too!

Emily :) said...
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Sara said...

Sara- Confessions of the Pastor's Wife at:
Sr. Pastor

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!

Jana Bishop
My husband is a youth pastor

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