Monday, February 8, 2010

Mentor Monday's ~ Meet Dianna

This week is extra special because I know Dianna in real life! She sung on our worship team when we were back in Michigan and she is such a sweet friend!

Tell us a tiny bit about yourself ?
I'm 45 yrs old, married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. My Husband and I Pastor a church in Flint, Michigan , an outreach center/campus that many local churches come to help "find the need and fill it", for many people that are in need in the Flint area.
I Love to sing...I've been singing since I was a young girl at church, in groups and on praise and worship teams. After being mentored from my previous Worship Pastor (Ben Scott) I now lead praise and worship at our church. I love to cook, scrapbook and spend time with girlfriends.

How did you and your spouse come to the conclusion to start a church. My husband went out to the LA Dream Center and fell in love with the outreaches there and wanted to bring those concepts back to Flint. It didnt happen right away like we thought...God has HIS own timing. With alot of time,prayer, growing, learning to be patient, and building our finaly happened.

Where is your church meeting
At our church in Flint Michigan

How did you decide the best location ?
After visiting the Dream Center in LA...My husband did alot of driving through Flint as he was praying...asking God where God wanted us to be.

In a sentence tell us about your church ?
Many people say that our church is not just a is a campus. We have the church building as well as 5 other buildings that we have turned into tools that help the our Pregnancy Center and our Freedom In Learning Center which will provide free education.

How many original people helped you begin your church ?
10 core people

How did you start off your church ? Small Groups ? Sunday Service etc ?
We started right off the bat with Sunday services...but at 3:00 so that people from our mother church could come help with music, children church, etc. This lasted for about a year. Then we went to 11:00 service after we reached 100 regulars.

How are you handling children that are coming to your church ? Do you have a nursery, or a special place for them in the service ?
We have a great Nursery, K-5, 5-8th and youth programs on Sunday's. We got blessed from the very begining with someone that is doing an awesome job runing the programs, that has a heart for children. She also runs our Freedom In Learning Center which offers free GED prep as well as free tutoring.

Where did you come up with the funds to purchase things for your church prior to opening the doors ?
From private donors as well as the support of our Mother church. We still continue to send out updates to local churches, keeping them updated on our outreaches so if they would like to physicaly or monetarily be involved they can.

What is the biggest opposition you have faced ?
Being white and Pastoring to a mostly African American community. People thought it couldnt be done, but we are proving them wrong, because we are breaking those racial devides and bringing "Unity To The Community". At our church everyone is welcomed...reguardless of color, race, social or economic status.

What is the greatest Victory you have felt ?
Wow! several. Each person that we help to get out of poverty, shelters, give them education...get them a job and on their feet is a Victory.

What advice would you give to another church planting wife ?
Pray for your husband daily...for God's strength and wisdom. Take time for yourself and do not try to do it all...just do what you can do for today.Find what you love to do in your church that is your passion. Be yourself...dont think you have to be what people expect you to be. Learn to say No (nicely of course) cant do it all.

Has planting a church affected your marriage or your children ? If so How ?
Yes, it is an adjustment...but we have learned that you have to have a no contact day once a recharge your battery and spend time as a family or you will burn out fast. So make sure you keep a good balance between your personal life and ministry.

. Any websites you would care to share with us ?
Just our website, if you would like to know more about what we do: FreedomCenterNorth/Flint Dream Center

What role do you play @ the Church if any ?
I'm the Pastor's secretary, the Fine Arts Director as well as the church office manager. I over see all the ministry leaders and assist them any way I can to help them reach their goals.

Thank you so much for taking time to tell us about your journey! Dianna does not have a blog so leave her a comment telling her how much you enjoyed reading about their awesome church!
Oh and she didn't mention but they got a several million dollar building GIVEN to them for FREE!!!!

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Jessica D. said...

Keep up the good work! Sounds like you guys are doing great!

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