Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What little baby's do while your fixing up a church building.

Ellianna is 21 months old and loves her some tithing envelopes. Now normally she would not be allowed to play with them but because we are taking over a building and it's going to have new name those tithing envelopes won't do us much good :)
So every time we are working baby girl finds the need to empty out all the pews (yes we have pews sigh...), and proceed to take them and throw them all over the floor.

Oh and this picture is dark and blurry but she is so cute hiding under the pew when we called her name to come clean them up.
Isn't she cute ??


Amber said...

I think our little girls could hang out. Mine LLLLOOOVVVEESS both crawling under the pews and tithing envelopes! That is so hilarious. It is so hard to keep her out of them! Your little girl is DARLING!

becky said...

ah she's just showing you what God's doing in your finances! sowing what we never saw reaped, taking what believers give with love and putting it into faithful workers hands! amen ellianna!

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