Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome Packets...

If you visit a church for the first time do they offer you a visitors pack ?

If so what is in it ? Do you have to raise your hand or stand to get it ? Do they tell you to go to a certain spot and get after service ? What's in the package ? Just trying to get some thoughts processed... thanks friends.


Anonymous said...

We have a room that people go to after service. They meet super awesome people that answer questions and get Jud's book that he wrote about God moving and working here in Vegas. It is better than anything we could right up about how we feel about God and people. Seems to work well for our people out here.

Jennifer said...

We hand out contact cards (to get basic information) when new families come to the church for the first time. Our church is so small that our greeters give them to the people as they come in. We have them turn the cards in during the offering time. My husband and/or another member will bring a welcome basket to the family sometime during the following week. This helps to make another connection with the family and allows a chance to get to speak to them at a quieter time. In the welcome baskets we have a brochure about our church (brief history, service times, contact info, etc), our current newsletter, a devotional, and a few other items that change out (bottle of water, bookmark, homemade goodies, etc). Hope this helps you out some!

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