Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soda, Pop or Coke ?

So if you follow me on facebook you know yesterday that i posted this question.

Has anyone ever had side effects from drinking coffee... please don't think i'm crazy! I can drink pop and tea and be fine but regular coffee. ???

I was then asked what my side effects have been ?
Well... Anxious, heart racing, palpitations, Very irritable, and almost angry.

Crazy huh ? Well i usually have decaf in the house because of guest who can't have caffeinated. When i go to Starbucks it's usually at night so I always order Decaf.
I found a coffee that i really enjoy and it's creme brulee and guess what for the last week I have had all those symptoms. It dawned on me yesterday that i was feeling that way because of my coffee. Let me tell you I LOVE my coffee, so this was devastating. I can drink a pop and sweet tea and not have that effect at all! So strange to me.

Through the course of my facebook post I got 32 comments so i decided that it needed a blog post of it's own. It became a debate about what you call Pop ?

So here is the new question ? What do you call your Pop ? Is it a Coke or is it a soda ? I know all over the country we say it different so i'm just curious when you go to a restaurant how do they ask you what you want to drink ?

I know in some places in the country they say"Would you like a Coke?" and you say "yes" they respond with "what kind ?" You would respond with Diet or Pepsi or whatever kind you wanted... strange...

So in the comments tell me, what is it that you call "Pop" in your area of the country ? I am just curious who else has a reaction to caffeinated coffee ? Do you coffee drinkers know a good decaf blend ?


Jennifer said...

In our house it is called 2 different things. My hubby and I both grew up in New York (State, not City :) ) but he calls it pop and I call it soda. I pick on him all the time when he says pop because it sounds so funny to me. Most restaurants just ask what you want to drink, they don't specifically say soda or pop. Coke is definitely not used around here and isn't even something I heard of until I started reading it on blogs. :)

As far as coffee and caffeine issues, I had a similiar thing happen almost 3 years ago. I had a lot of palpitations and after lots of testing the only thing it could be pinned down to was caffeine. Since I've switched to strictly decaf I have had few palpitations. I don't drink anything else with caffeine (I drink water 24/7) so I'm not sure if I would be bothered by soda or tea. I'm not too particular about my coffee, so when I make it I just use Folgers Decaf (green container) but my FAVORITE "treat" is going to Dunkin Donuts and getting a Decaf Blueberry coffee! Hope you find something that works for you and that it will resolve the side effects you've been feeling! :)

Tanya said...

That Coke thing is crazy...I've never heard that before!! In this part of Canada we call it pop...all of my American relatives call it soda and laugh when we call it pop...they also think it's funny that we call pacifiers "soothers". Guess it all depends on where you live :)

Dana said...

Here in Virginia, it's a soda. If you order a Coke, you're likely to be told that they only have Pepsi products. :)

tonya said...

We call them soft drinks here in upstate South Carolina.

I have been drinking decaf for almost 3 years because I've either been pregnant or nursing or both during that time. My favorite is Caribou Coffee!!

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