Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas Cards.

Right, I know it's February and a little un-timely, however maybe you will enjoy this and can remember to do this next year.
I by any means didn't invent this idea. A matter of fact I know several families that put them in a basket on their table. We used to do this but little hands would go thru and they would get to messy and out of order.
This year I hole punched all of our christmas cards and put them on a little keychain ring.
Each night we take turns as a family (including the kids) to pray over one of the families.

I love how it gets our children praying for other people. We also keep a journal of needs that we know of, and we pray over them every-night until the prayer has been answered. We also record the praises ! At the end of the year we will rejoice in what God did and continue to pray over the needs in our family, and friends lives.

How are you being intentional about praying over people and teaching your kids to pray ? Would love to hear your ideas!

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