Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hard Lotions.

Since moving to Colorado I'm absolutely sure that my skin does not like it!
My daughters poor hands are completely chapped and red poor girl.
We have tried everything!! Nothing works and everything makes her cry.
So I searched the internet and asked a friend who has experience and she guided me to a great recipe. I tried it and my daughter is in heaven and for the first time didn't cry when putting it on! The other thing is that this same recipe serves as a lip balm!

Hard Lotion, I had never heard of it but now I love love love it! All natural products

Coconut Oil.
Shea Butter.
This is the completed project.
2 oz of amazing natural goodness.
How do you use ?
Just like you would soap. When getting out of the shower dry off, and apply. It's thicker than liquid soap but will work wonders on dry skin, eczema, or someone who is tired of so many chemicals in their lotions. The lotion bar will melt off by the heat of your skin.
*Did you know that most of the lotions you buy for cracked & dry skin actually have perfumes and chemicals that actually make your skin worse ???
Your skin is a living organism and whatever you put on your skin is going to go into your blood stream. That's why as a mother I couldn't stand to keep trying things that are just not good for you. Sure it might help her skin for the moment but what's it doing to her blood stream ??? AHHH!

This is the tiny .5 oz and are perfect size for a child. It has a cute snowflake symbol stamped on it. All of the hard lotions have a melting point that normal store lotions don't have. That means you don't want to store these lotions in a warm place. The good news is that if it melt just pop in the freezer and tada it's solid again!

These make great stocking stuffers (as long as the fire isn't roaring below =) ).
Great teachers gifts.
Awesome gift for someone who washes their hands thru the day often.
Someone who suffers from eczema.
Dry, Cracked Skin.

If you would like to purchase - please email me @ thevintagelane@gmail.com

2 oz lotion bar $5.00
Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Available in Lime, Natural, Peppermint

.5 oz snowflake lotion bar
Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Available in Lime, Natural, Peppermint

Shipping is $3.00 for regular parcel post
or Priority Mail for Christmas - $4.95

I will send you a paypal invoice and once cleared I will ship.

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