Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some days.

Some Days you just need one of these nice cups...

add to it some yummy hot chocolate mix and some steamed milk.
Then take one of these low fat, no calorie, zilcho sugar marshmallow stir sticks...

and I promise you that you will get one of these...

a priceless smile from your three year old.

Now you don't think after yesterday's post that I would partake in such indulgence do you ?
No of course not... I was eating the other treat choc. covered oreos ;)

Chocolate Covered Oreos
*Pack of Oreos
*Almond Bark/Candy Coating
*Christmas Sprinkles

Step one- Check for broken oreos and eat immediately :)
Step two- Melt your chocolate. (I do thirty seconds at a time until fully melted in microwave, yes I know the microwave sucks your brain cells, and distorts the nutrients but really I think in this case the nutrients are long gone.
Step three- Using a large fork to balance cookie dip in chocolate. Let it drip a bit and then set on wax paper to dry.
Step four- While still wet sprinkle with fun Christmas Sprinkles.

Stir Sticks
*Large Marshmallows
*Coffee Stir Sticks
*Bag of Choc. Chips
*Crushed Candy Canes

Step 1- Put the stir sticks in marshmallows
Step 2 - Crush candy canes
Step 3 - Melt chocolate
Step 4 - Dip Marshmallows
Step 5 - Sprinkle with Candy Canes
Step 6 - Let dry on wax paper
Step 7 - Wrap up in cute cello bags, put in a much with a packet of Hot chocolate. Inexpensive gift :)

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