Monday, December 19, 2011

Creative Friends Wanted.

So we are in the home stretch to Christmas, my most favorite time of the year! I mean really I could not ooze my excitement all over the blog if I wanted to. Since I was a child I have loved it, and as an adult the meaning and feeling just become deeply rooted over the years.
That brings me to today Monday Night, exactly 6 nights until Christmas!?!?

My husband and I have been in a position for the last 3 years where we have not exchanged gifts to do lack of funds. I think last year we did something small in our stockings, but nothing major. Every year we also get each other Christmas PJ's (ha about the only time of year we buy pj's), but not this year.

This is where you come in...
I want to do something creative for my husband that cost $0.00. Is that even possible you ask ? Umm I'm sure I mean there is a few obvious one's that I could do that I won't post on my blog ;)
I have googled, and used Pinterest (I heart that site), but still my creative brain just isn't coming up with anything.
So sweet friends... Have you ever done something like this before ?
If so what have you done ?
I know I will come up with some sort of idea.

This year is really special to me, to do something unique.
You see he has had a growth/cyst for several months, and had it removed.
I only told a few people because my nerves were kinda rattled. I trusted God and knew things were going to be okay, but prayer from other folks totally helps when you feel your on the front of the battlefield ya know.
Well today at his appointment the pathology report came back and that ucky C word that is thrown around way to often was used in a positive light. His body is Free of it!
Thank you Jesus.

I wish it didn't take moments like those to wake you up a bit, but well I'm human and it did.
So can u help me come up with something ???
Yippee can't wait to read your ideas!

P.S. ----> This blog was not asking for $, just asking for ideas!


Mindy said...

Congratulations on your husband being C-free! What a wonderful gift! I don't have a ton of ideas, but the handmade coupon books are always fun. Fill it with things like a back rub, watching "the game" during one of your shows, his favorite meal, doing one of "his chores" (if that exists, lol!). You could also burn a cd for him with some of his favorite songs. This isn't totally free, but when you're on a tight budget, it seems like extras are rarely bought. Maybe something as simple as buying his favorite candy or making his favorite meal would be nice (You've gotta eat!).
Once when my husband and I were first married, I made fun lingerie out of construction paper! We couldn't afford the real thing! lol! We still laugh about that!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how he keeps his car but my husbands car is always dirty and littered with old cans. Maybe clean his car out, wipe it down, look for DIY air freshener.

Or a sensual Christmas eve back rub. With candles and warmed lotions.

Another idea would be to mod podge photos on to something he would use. You could get tiles at home depot for 19 cents a piece and make coasters (if he has an office he could use them there). Or look for free sideshow editing software online and make him a slides how of family pictures to a favorite song.

That's what I can come up with off the top of my head.

Andrea Schaffer said...

Create a journal just between you and him. Although you see each other every day our lives are so busy we sometimes can't squeeze everything in a day. You start the journal as a letter to him expressing your day your love your appreciation and things you just want to say that don't get said everyday. Or you can even make it a prayer journal a wifes prayer for her husband. Make it a practice once a week or once a month and exchange it back and forth. He can express himself to you. It's an intimate opportunity to express yourself with much thought and purpose.
Also, I have a God box that a dear friend gave me during a very stormy time in my life. It's a box that is filled with note paper to write prayers up to God and left in the box in the act of leaving it in His hands. There are also note papers with answers to prayer and items or other documents to remind me of the answered prayer and Gods provision, also letters, copies of unexpected checks, notes of encouragement. I love to go through my box and see the evidence of Gods provision for me and my family

Happiness Here said...

It's probably a little late now, but videotaping messages from family and friends expressing their love and appreciation for him would be a great gift. That would also work for a birthday, too. Glad to hear that the doctor's report was all clear!

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