Saturday, November 12, 2011

Date Night.

I love that at our new church we have a date night. Random couples different each month that get together at different restaurants and enjoy getting to know each other, eat yummy food, and mostly enjoy time with our spouse. Then we head to Starbucks and chat some more.

What are some of your favorite date nights ? Do you have a favorite restaurant ? How often do you get a date night out ? Sometimes I know you have to be creative and have date night in when the kids are in bed, so tell me what do you like to do at home when you can't go anywhere?


Angela said...

We love going to the cinema for our date night, it helps us switch off so that afterwards we can have a proper chat about non-church stuff (we are pastors). I love that your church has a date night with other couples, I might start that too :)

Dalaina's Blogs said...

My boyfriend Doug and I do have date night friday nights. We go to the movies have dinner or go shopping at the flea market!

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