Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hootenanny & Chewy Granola Bars


I ran across the recipe for Hootenanny's the other day and thought I would try it. We had for dinner last night and the kids loved it!! That is a huge score if the kids approve!

1/2 stick butter
1 Cup Milk
6 Eggs
1 Cup flour
Dash of Salt

Additional toppings.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees . While preheating place the butter in a 9 x 13 pan WHIlE the oven is preheating. In a blender or mixer mix together eggs & milk; add flour and a small dash of salt and blend again. Pour the mixture into the pan with the melted butter. sprinkle cinnamon on top. Bake 15 - 20 minutes.

This will RISE really big but won't run over the pan I promise.

Cut into squares and serve like a pancake. Add syrup, jelly, fruit, powdered sugar, cool whip!

We added Cool whip and cut up strawberries and served with turkey bacon.

Now for the Chewy Granola Bars

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter or (sunbutter)
1/3 Cup Honey
1/4 cup coconut oil (or other oil of your choice)
1 Cup Oats
1 Cup total of any combination of sesame seeds, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit or nuts.

In a medium sized pan, melt together peanut butter, honey, and oil.
Remove from heat and one cup of oats. Choose your favorite combo of sesame seeds, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit or nuts, to equal a total of ONE CUP.

Pour in and stir well.

Stir well, then spread mixture into 8x8 or 9x4 pan.

Chill for several hours, then cut into bars.
I wrap into individual plastic wrap for a quick grab and run.

They are chewy and if you add chocolate they melt quickly! Not a good outdoor snack. I keep in fridge in a basket.

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