Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are now armed with an alarm.
We have one for the church, but haven't for our home.
I am grateful.
Although it doesn't take away all the sound passing by, it sure does help knowing that there is a small device connected to the police that in a moments notice i can say Help and they should come running!
I'm still working on my heart.
There is some roots that are in there, and I'm praying that God would establish all my thoughts and feelings in love.
Hard one.
In other news. I am hoping in the next few days to do a post on "around my city". I think some of you would like it done in pictures...
So that is the plan.
Would you all do me a favor and go read this funny post ? What kind of hugger are you ? My friend Jennifer sure knows how to make a girl laugh...
Seriously I loved it.
She didn't even bribe me to send you over :)

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Sydney said...

Well your post before this made my eyes water. I feel like the house you're describing was my house growing up, sadly enough. I was very fortunate that a lady who lived down the street, was always very kind to me and never judged me for the bad situation my mother had put me in. Maybe God is going to use you to help them. :) I am sure he has something great up his sleeve for you!

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