Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spiritual Management.

I sometimes get overwhelmed, do you ?
Good so glad it's not just me!
I like to think of my house as something that I am the manager of.
The Meals & Snacks.
The Laundry.
The monetary responsibility.
Mostly are spiritual body.
Today I would like to hear from YOU!

Does your family do devotion time together ?
Do your children have their own time with Jesus ?
Do you have prayer/bible reading/ devotion time with your hubby ?
Do you have that time by yourself ?
Tell me your favorite devotion book for family, children, marriage.... I think you get the point.

How do you manage your time in this area ?

I will blog about our families time later :)


Crissy said...

Just wanted to drop in and tell you about our family devotions during the 21 day fast we just finished at our church.

Each family member read the same passage and used the following "SOAP" method taught to us by out pastor. Our kids (including our teenagers) really got into it and found that it gave devotional time more purpose.


S: Scripture; Write out the scripture you are reading
O: Own words; now rewrite the verse in your own words
A: Application; Write how this verse can be applied to your life and what it means to you.
P: Prayer; Lastly write out a prayer using the verse that you read to "pray the scriptures"

We all gathered before bed and shared our "SOAP" study for the day.

For February we are reading through Psalms together and discussing it nightly. I LOVE family devotionals!

Rachael. said...

Love this thank you for sharing!

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