Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The 3rd one... sigh...

The third child is defiantly calling for my mother resignation.

How does this sweetness...
Turn into this...

Ellianna Rejoyce we love you with all our hearts, however I have never had to work so hard thru the 2 year old stage ever(and one would think i'm an expert since I've done that 2 x now).
* You love to make a mess yet insist when we say it's time to go and are leaving something a mess to SLOWLY take your time and clean up. However if I ask you to clean up and we have nothing to do or nowhere to go you pretend you can't hear me.
* You love to kiss and snuggle your sister yet will smack her in a heartbeat.
I am puzzled how a 5 year old and 7 year old can be brought to tears by YOU... a 2 year old.
However... You will pray over a boo boo on someone, give kisses on the lips, and say Hey Ya'll in a true southern fashion just as quick as you can turn on a temper tantrum.

Dear Blog world what is your 2 year old secret to keeping the peace ???

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BARBIE said...

Been there....done that. Just try and stay consistent. Seems so long ago when I had a two year old! My youngest is 7 and my oldest 19!

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