Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Days.

Ever been with a group of women and they have nothing nice to say about the men in their life... specifically their husbands ??? I have. It drives me crazy!

I have an amazing husband! Amazing. Do we always agree... NOPE. Do we argue... YUP. Do we still love each other... Absolutely!!

So if you are friends with me on facebook you will see me post something about my hubby for the next 365 day's.

I think other women need to know it's okay to speak life over your husband and to say things that make him feel loved and special. I think doing it in a public manner will help other women to look for the good in their man, and I think it will help show the healthy marriage you can truly have, if you really try.

I am not great with words, but I'm going to take the next 365 days to do my best to make known how great my hubby is.

So tell me... what do you love about your husband ????


Lisa Grace said...

I love this! I am married to an amazing man, and although perfection eludes both of us, I am quite deliriously happy with him. He works so hard to provide for our family and always comes home eager to be with us, no matter how tired he is. He is always ready to do things that bless us and make us happy. He is unselfish with his time, his energy, and his love. I'm so blessed!

Happiness Here said...

Yeeessss.....I, too, am driven crazy by husband-bashing. I adore my hubby - he is wonderfully considerate and hardworking and unselfish, and I lurve him so much. Thanks for reminding us to verbalize our love to our better halves. =)

Membership Required said...

I love this! Can I do this with you and post it on my blog??

Thanks and I hope all is going greatly in life and business.

Merry Lynn

Amy said...

I totally love that you are doing this :D....I have made it a priority to only encourage and praise. I have messed up a time or so, but it makes me so much more appreciative.

I bet I could do 365 days....hmmmm...for now, I would just like to say that the 19 years (this Wednesday) have been amazing, and God and my husband have made them so special!

Pam said...

I love this idea. I just might have to steal it:-)

Rachael. said...

What sweet comments! Yes Ladies please "steal" this idea! I would love to see this all over the internet!!!
Loving our husbands!!!

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