Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surrendered Life.

Um yeah bloggy friends... I think I'm officially fired from my own blogging commitments...uh huh!
Well I was out of State on Friday and for the life of me couldn't get WIFI.... I know in this day and age that seems IMPOSSIBLE but trust me... I had none!

So where was I ???

I was on an amazing trip back up to the church that we just left in Michigan. We went to lead worship at the Women's Conference, and let me tell you girlfriends, IT WAS FANTABULOUS!!! Even if Kay Warren got caught in Chicago due to weather... I mean what do you expect when the conference is called Surrendered Life! LOL. I have some amazing things to tell ya!

I got to sit down and interview my mentor and my friend our former Senior Pastors Wife. We did a video interview on Ministry, Marriage, Kids , and Personal Relationship.... and guess what I did it all for you! I get emails everyday asking how to balance things etc... You will be blessed by these video segments! She is a seasoned Pastors Wife with a wealth of wisdom.

Our Share our space for last Friday will be this coming Friday... So get ready to post :)

So each night @ the conf. They called someone up on the platform that they honored as living a surrendered life and um yeah I'm soo humbled to say they choose me on Saturday!!!
Right after we got done leading worship (which i should have a small video clip in a day or so), I sat down and Dena (pw) called me up.

There was a whole crew of people wearing shirts that said I Heart M'Ville and then our church website... They had them laying out for our whole band to wear when we arrived on Saturday (super sneaky).
Then they had a crew of people back in Georgia putting together our deck with brand new patio furniture and a swing... no one knows but we had to leave that stuff behind when we moved because we didn't have any room in the moving truck... sniffle . So they put up pictures on the screen for me to see...
Then right before we left Georgia to head to Michigan the church was broken into and my vacuums cleaner was stolen... well they got me a brand new one!
Then they gave me $500 cash for just me! I have some secrets up my sleeve for what i'm going to do with this!
They I got overly blessed with my friends and sisters praying over me.

I was wrecked.

Stay tuned for videos!!!

How have you all been.... give me a shout and tell me what's happening in your life in the past week....


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to seeing the videos :) My week was pretty uneventful, which isn't a bad thing. We are looking forward to this weekend as it is our towns annual Apple Blossum Festival. Our church has several outreach opportunities the next few days :)

Rachel said...

So glad you're back! Missed you!! Sounds like an awesome conference and I can't wait to hear more about it!! =) I've got my post ready to link up tomorrow! Have a great Thursday! =)

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