Friday, May 14, 2010

Show Me Your Space ~ Children's Ministry

Ok Ladies grab your camera and take it to church with you on Sunday or if you have pictures go ahead and do your post up!

This week there is no Mr. Linky because well i'm not a computer genius and to figure this out is well just not happening. So link up by leaving a comment and putting in there your blog address... so something like...

Come see my Children's Ministry space @

I want to come check them all out!

I will have a prize of course, that i choose on Monday sometime, so link up as soon as you can!

Here is our space...

Currently we have two rooms for Children's Ministry... and some day's those are really full!
We are 7 weeks into this and already looking for a way to expand!

We have a check in area that all kids must check in at.

Then we Newborn- 4 years old, and then a room that houses the older kids 5 or K - 5th grade.

We have some basic core values that we pray the kids know and receive when they are at our church..

Okay so go link up and let's have some fun! Tell your other pastor wives' friends to play too!


Rachel said...

Love the rooms!! The core values are an awesome idea. It's so exciting that your children's ministry is growing so fast too!! Awesome!! Here's my link:

Have a great weekend!!

Jessica D. said...

Okay, I'm linked up!

I see you got the same IKEA rugs we have! Great minds think alike!

Jennifer said...

I love how bright and colorful the rooms are!! Looks like a lot of fun stuff to play with! :) Here is the link to my post:

CyndiAKADisneyqueen said...

Rachel you have to post these on the Leading and Loving it facebook page!

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