Friday, January 29, 2010

Lot's of Gas.

When we knew we were moving to Georgia i was so excited that it would be WARM. Granted I knew i would miss the snow. Well guess what I was wrong. In the month of December it got soooo cold here. Were talking like 15 at night. Well we are living in my in-laws old house right now (since church planters don't have a salary). We finally bit the bullet and filled up the propane tank... never knew that was an option for heat until we moved here. Well filling a propane tank up is umm let's just say NOT CHEAP. Granted we are living in a free house but umm still it's not cheap. Well it got warmer and we tried to conserve as much as possible. Extra layers blankets, socks etc.. Well Ben checked the tank Monday and it was at 5% YIKES, so he called them to come fill it because this week it's' supposed to be low 30's at night. Well when they came i didn't realize he had already told them to come, and i said NOO let us tough it out... let's save the money. Turn on space heaters, etc. So the guys said with less then 5% you will not make it thru the night with the gas in the tank... uh. Surely if God can multiply the fish he can multiply GAS right!!!
Well he did! It's Friday and it's still going. Every time that furnace kicks on i just thank God for providing more GAS!


patty said...

It warms us quickly in GA! Propane use to be a lot cheaper which is why people used it, not so much anymore!! Stay warm, my friend, and we'll keep praying that God will keep multiplying.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

YOu know what? The whole widow's jar of oil concept has been working on my favorite lip gloss for two weeks now! It just keeps coming out and there can't possibly be a drop left in the tube??

God is fabulous.

Melody said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad to hear you're still staying warm. When you have time update me on things in GA.

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