Monday, November 23, 2009


So there is nothing like sharing your life on the internet and seeing how many people are reading/looking at why you type.
So I went to my stat counter to see if any one actually does read my blog.... and well yes quite a few. Now here is the thing... say Hi... leave me a comment and tell me where you came from how you find me and where i can find you.
Yes I like comments... I like New people... So see the button leave me a comment and tell me you have been here :)


Homemomma said...

I'm Erika from Virginia, love your blog

Jessica D. said...

A great place to start is in the schools volunteering. Are you still home schooling?

relay on your hubby at this time enjoy all your time together. Share your dream and your goals.

Don't you have family around? I though you were moving around family.

What city are you in. I'll see who I know.

Rachael. said...

Yup Jessica we have family, however it's different we have been away so long that it's strange getting in the groove... it almost feels like strangers a bit.

We are In Milledgeville.

The schools here are horrible don't even pass the standardized testing for the state! Horrible. So yes homeschooling is our option right now!

Thanks for the encouragement!

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