Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday ?

So i have to know...
What is your tradition for Black Friday ?
Do you stay at home in your pj's and eat leftovers ?
Do you decorate your home ?
Do you go shopping ?
I want to hear it what do you do ?
Do you pour over the ad's on Thursday with the family ?
Do you try to use it as your day to get all your shopping done ?

Starbucks.Shopping.Laughing alot at all the silly people. Taking big deep breaths, as you walk thru the stinky crowds.Maybe buying something but going with the intention of just taking it all in…. Soaking it up it’s not around long! That is my plan!

So here's your question ?
Do you shop more on Black Friday or Cyber Monday ?
I am going to randomly draw a winner from whatever comments are left and from that you will win $25 to my shop!

Oh and leave an extra comment if you decide to follow me :)

Hurry Hurry you never know when i'm going to close down the contest!


Jessica D. said...

I'm going shopping with the gals this black friday. Not buying a thing, just going for the thrill. lol

Homemomma said...

Shopping and starbucks on black friday, tradition with the hubby, and its always a day a so before our anniversary so we always buy each other something nice...

Homemomma said...

Ooops heres the email zullayh@gmail.com

and I am foloowing you, plus I have you on the side of my personal blog

Amber said...

i never go shopping....we will be traveling home this year from spending a wonderful time with family!

lori said...

I stay far, far away from Black Friday shopping. it isn't really the crowds as much as the 3am and 4am door openings that get me.

Anyway, I had to get all of my shopping done by today this year since my kids are now out on track break from school and won't go back until 2010.

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