Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little bit of this and that with picture fun.

Our kids have been out of school since last Wednesday.
We are having a great time.
This week we got a bunch of snow dumped on us in the Rocky Mountain Region.
Monday we got about 9 inches.
Then we got another 7-9 Inches between Wednesday night and today.
It's midnight and just now tapering off. You can see the bottom picture to the left is my three year old and that is the snow at her height.
I don't have many pictures of Connor, because he really doesn't like the cold for to long. He enjoys it for a bit and then loves the hot chocolate afterwards. Secretly I think he goes inside and plays star-wars thru the whole house.

Below is some serious redneck ways of playing in the snow. When we lived in Michigan we had all the snow gear you could possibly think of; sleds, boots, shovels. Well when we moved to Georgia I got rid of most of it and the stuff I didn't get rid of well accidently got left behind in Georgia.
The top picture is my neighbor shoveling his grass ?!?! FOR HIS DOG!!!
Reason #598 why we don't own an animal.
Picture two to the right... Sled in Georgia = Sand box lid as lid in Colorado.
Hey whatever works right ?
The last one on the bottom... doesn't everyone use shovels, and sand buckets when they play in the snow ?

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