Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am converting to Y'all

Wow let me straighten my tiara and dust off my keyboard! Lord have mercy I have been slammed so busy and this blog has taken a back seat (as it should), when life is busy.

This past Sunday I spoke on Mother's Day and guess what I listened back and I am sounding COUNTRY!!! I can't even count how many times I said Y'all. For those who live in the south that is huge for a northerner to convert over.... it's usually "You Guys". If you here me start saying I want a soda we are in real trouble!

So i wanted to take a second and invite you to listen to my talk. "I Double Dare You" and also come be friends with me on fbook, I tend to update that way more often with you know important things like where I went shopping, and how during my latest retail therapy trip in Atlanta I got rear ended. You get the point.... So here I am on Facebook (please tell me your from the blog or I will hit "deny"!) Facebook and my Sunday talk... I Double Dare You!!!

Rock on sweet princesses! Your making a difference!

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