Friday, January 28, 2011

Apple Snickers Salad

This is one of those recipes that doesn't "look" yummy but really does taste amazing!
I actually have not made it in a long time, but we were having Mexican Night with some friends last night and I needed something quick and simple and as close to "sugar free" as possible.

1 1/2 cup cold 2% milk
Dry Instant Vanilla Pudding mix (sugar free)
Mix these together for 2 minutes and let set for a few minutes.
Large Cool Whip (I used sugar free)
Fold into pudding mixture.
Chop up 4 Green Granny Smith Apples
Chop up 4-6 Snickers
Mix all together.
Yup that simple and that good.

photo courtesy of Here.


~The Harrison Family~ said...

This looks amazing. I am so making it for my super bowl party. Yum, thanks!

What kind of pudding did you use? Vanilla?

And what is Cook whip?? ;)

Rachael. said...

Ha Vanilla and COOL whip. Did it on my phone darn auto correct!!

Amy said...

Yummers!!! I am going to try this- anything with a snicker bar in it HAS to be good. ;)

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