Thursday, September 9, 2010

Candy Corn Bark.

I love love love fall time!
I love sweets.
None of these are secrets about me :)
I am going to share with you a recipe I found somewhere (so bad about that).

I promise it's so easy!!!

My daughter sold this last year to earn $ for Operation Christmas Child. I was so proud of her! She put together 4 boxes and blessed 2 boys and 2 girls with an awesome box!

What you need:
A bag of pretzels (skinny small stick kind)
a package of oreos
a package of seasonal candy corns
a brick of white choc. candy coating

Step 1 - Take your pretzels and break them up and spread all over a cookie sheet.
Step 2- Did you know they make seasonal oreos ?
Well break them up and spread on top of Pretzels.
Also take the candy corns and spread them on top of the oreos.

Step 3 - Melt your white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals.
then poor on top of the pretzels, candy corn, and oreos.

Also sprinkle a few candy corns on top to make pretty!

Step 4 - Put in freezer for like 15-20 minutes or until it's all set.

This is what it will look like :)

Step 5 - Break apart and Enjoy!!


Emily :) said...

They look great! I am always looking for stuff like this that is easy and seasonal. Thanks for sharing!

jennifer.harrell.scott said...

I love candy corn!! These pics r excellent... looks yummy =)

Rachel said...

Looks great!! And SO easy!! Gotta try that!

Mindy said...

Definitely taking this to the kids' parties! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

I am definitely going to be making this! Thanks for sharing it!

Kara said...

YUMMY! Thanks for sharing...that looks delicious. :)

Sweet Mummy said...

I can imagine how yummy that is, but it's also beautiful! I bet candy corn is nut free, too, so I can make this for my daughter! WOOT! Thanks for the recipe!

Em and the Fam said...

Oh my, that looks dangerous!

pippasmum said...

Thanks for the recipe! I want to take some of this to my daughter's daycare for Halloween. Just wondering, how much white chocolate coating is in a brick? I usually buy the melting wafers and I am in Canada so I don't know whether they sell it buy the brick here.

Sweet Mummy said...

2 notes:

1- put wax paper on the cookie sheet BEFORE laying down the pretzels, etc. I noticed it in the picture, and the instructions on the box of white chocolate I had also mentioned the wax paper. That could have been messy! LOL!

2- I think your cookie sheet is much smaller than mine. OR my 'brick' of white chocolate was too small. It took me 4 packages of Baker's White Chocolate to cover the goodies with any substantial layer of chocolate, to get it to look anything like your beautiful photos.

It's in the freezer now, can't wait to taste it! :)

Jessica D. said...

I'm trying it this week. It looks so yummy!

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