Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Edge of Divine

"The Edge of the Divine"

Sandi Patty has won 39 Dove Awards and millions of records sold, the unforgettable voice of Sandi Patty returns with "The Edge of the Divine." Not only is there a CD but there is also a book. A book that talks about where possibilities meet with God's faithfulness .

I was asked to review this book and honestly I had no idea what it was about.

A Little background on Sanid herself. When I was a younger girl i remember hearing Sandi Patti songs and music played and then I remember some "talk" that she was going thru a scandalous divorce (aren't they all) ??? She had an affair with one of her background vocalist and it was at the height of her singing career. She has made lot's of decisions and choices that have led up to this book.

This book was not a book I would have ever just picked up to read. It talks about her struggles with marriage, God but mostly with her weight. I am at a place where i'm needing to make some choices or my weight is going to start affecting me.

THis book made me realize a few things but the jist of it is but my the grace of God there go I. She talks so much about God's amazing amazing Grace!

She is no different than any of us, she is a women who has struggled with weight, marriage, affairs and is open and real about it. The book is an easy read with real life situations, and stories.

I have a few copies that I have been offered to give away :) If you would like one leave me a comment and I will pick a winner!

I would tell anyone that they should read this book and see a Godly women's perspective on this journey called life.


Jennifer said...

I too remember listening to and hearing her songs growing up. And I heard what she went through. I saw her differently after that. Then 2 years ago I saw her speak at a Women of Faith conference and I realized that her struggles aren't all that different from ones I face. I would love the chance to read her new book!

nightowl said...

I remember listening to her music as my Dad played it regularly. I would like to read her book.


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