Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Dayz...

I can't believe we are about to spend our first summer in Georgia...
Did i ever tell you that I grew up in Northern Country like where it snows in May ?
That Summer was all of like 2 1/2 months long ?
Let's see it's been HOT here for at least a month and 1/2 already....
This girl is trying to figure out what to do to keep cool, because our 1 ft. tall is just not going to cut it all summer.
As i type the little munchkins are washing away fire ants off the side of the plastic bath tub...
So here is my list of ideas to keep us out of trouble, busy, and make fabulous memories.
I hope to post regularly what were doing, and hopefully encourage you to create some fabulous memories this summer!
Go to the Park
Go Swimming (besides our 1 ft. plastic outdoor bathtub)
Picnic that each of the kids plans
Play Outside on the fort/swingset
Ride Bikes @ The River
Bonfires (not sure this one will happen heat mixed with heat ummm...NOT)
Sparklers :)
Eat Popsicles
Plant flowers & maintain them
Museum on a rainy day
Vacation Bible School... somewhere
Have Friends over often
Toy Story 3
Watermelon... our favorite!
Go Canoeing
Summer Library Book Program
Day Trip to Savannah's Beach & Tybee Island
Ice Cream
Make Homemade Lemonade & Share with a friend
Side Walk Chalk
Pick our own food (love this)
Water Balloon fights
Sweet Tea on the swing
Nature Hikes
Star Gaze
Make Dinner for the local Ronald McDonald House in Macon
Paint toenails... (except Connor)
Root Beer floats
Movie Night Outside w/ popcorn!
Wash the car with sponges and soap
Play Tag
Hide & Go Seek
Bored Games
Movie Day on a rainy day
Arts & Crafts
Cook Outs

What's on your summer list ?


EKM said...

We're really looking forward to 4th of July (as we don't get that here!) -- fireworks, popsicles, parade. We're also hoping to get in some camping and a visit to Mackinaw Island. And we're super fortunate because we're going to miss a month of winter here to enjoy a month of SUMMER in Michigan!

Melody said...

Hey, some things relatively close to you (North GA...about three hours from Macon) is Baby Land General and tubing in Helen, GA. Anna Ruby Falls is in Helen and is really pretty and a great doable hike for whole family. There is also an awesome summer camp in Cleveland, GA called Woodlands Camp....a great Christ centered and up-to-date christian camp....they offer scholarships too. Anyways, just thought you might want to know about those few things.

Dianna said...

I'm so looking forward to moving into my new home soon. Fixing it up, decorating it this summer and starting this new chapter in my life.

I've had a lot of new chapters to my life started lately...but I'm trusting God for all the good things inside each and every chapter

I'm looking forward to spending time at the beach. Also,walking around town shopping at the small little town that we are moving to.

As far as the Flint Dream Center...we have alot of great outreaches planned for the summer and we are excited that many more churches are wanting to be involved in the great things happening here.

Mandy said...

We would love to have you guys come to our Bible School at Evergreen Baptist Church. It begins next Sunday, June 6 - 10th. Let me know if you want more details and I will be glad to get them for you. We would love to have your children.

Mandy Hopkins

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