Friday, April 30, 2010

Show Me Your Space ~ Worship Center

Okay so technically I should have already had this post up... but my day got away from me...
So here it goes!

I will have my post and then you post on your blog about yours :)
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You have until Monday so take your camera's to church on Sunday :)

I will randomly draw a winner to win a Gift Certificate to my store The Vintage Lane .
So well worth showing us your space :)

So here is our space!

Our church is The Family Room , and our atmosphere is very small at the moment due to being a fresh church plant. We are 5 weeks old!
Whoo hoo!

We have an awesome coffee bar in the worship center, along with cozy couches. Right now we don't have a full band but hope to soon!


Wee Ones Mommy said...

Looks amazing Rach!

Jennifer said...

This reminds me a lot of the church I grew up in. It was a new church plant in our town and it was just so relaxed. I miss the laid back atmosphere of my home church (and the praise band!!!). Love your pictures!

Penny said...

Everyone has such beautiful places to worship! Being a church planter - I never take for granted having a "home" to worship. We've done church in homes, cafeterias and even country & western bars. It feels good now to have a place worthy of bragging on - thanks for doing this!

Jessica D. said...

Hey, I linked to you but I see you have 4 others who have posted. I only know this because I'm posting myself and can see them. I'm afraid that your other readers will not be able to see the others who posted. I do n't see them not on your blog. Just letting you know. Hope that makes since.

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