Friday, February 26, 2010

See Look!!

So this non-techy girl has figured out how to make a button with a little code below it so that you can put it on your blog!
So if you would like you can take one of these super uber high tech buttons and put it on your blog :)
The more girlfriends the better the party!
Whoo hoo!
If your not on the blog roll you can click on the button and leave a comment or email me at !
I love visiting new girls! So grab the code <-------------- over there and share the word!


Pamee said...

=) I would LOVE to post this... but I have NO clue how =) even if I copied the code... what do I do with it?

Sydney said...

Well I read your blog a few entries back, and cannot even begin to imagine your struggle with starting a church here in Milledgeville. But don't get discouraged or second guess your decision. Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect!!

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