Monday, January 4, 2010

The 00's by number

Lori @ Leading and loving it put together all the things that have happened this decade. Mine will be in no order. If you missed my last post on my word of the year scroll down and take a looksy...or i can make it easy click here.

So here goes the list

7 1/2 the number of years i have been married to the most amazing man.

25th the day i was proposed to :)

2 number of official jobs i have had that i've gotten paid for

I have moved since 2000 13 times... um wow!

Graduated High School

Got my Urban Church Planting degree/nursing school $$$$ thousands of dollars paid off.

served on staff for 5 1/2 years at the most amazing church!

1 million the times it took my husband to convince me we were hearing from God to plant a church.

3 babies that have been birthed.

3 the number of amazing dance recitals i have partaken in.

1/2 year down of homeschooling

3 horrible church experiences before we found one that fit!

2 amazing times God brought me thru post partum depression

$49,000 the amount raised for Human Sex Trafficking, Romania Missions, Local Baby Closet, Food Pantry. All during Michigan's biggest recession. Sigh Big God.

Millions of times that God showed himself faithful.

No clue how many barnes and noble trips, starbuscks runs, tissue boxes and hours with Jesus, but all in all it's been an amazing and eventful 10 years! Ready for the next 10!


Anonymous said...

Love all of that money raised for such amazing causes! :)

Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

the fact that "graduated high school" fits in your last decade makes me feel a little OLD!!! :)

excited about what the next 10 has in store! :)

Rachael. said...

Ha Brandi i graduated in 2000. 10 years ago.. I'm approaching 28 this year it sounds weird to say.

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