Friday, November 13, 2009


Is that even a word ? Well I like it!
Sometimes as a wife in ministry I like to give gifts. Okay scratch that I love to give gifts. Sometimes giving gifts cost too much $ so I like to get creative.
Okay girlfriends are you listening I got a really yummy recipe :)


Okay so here are the easiest instructions EVER! Even the non-domesticated can make this ...
I will even guarantee if you mess it up (which you can't) I will send you some!

Candy Corn
Pretzel Stick
Candy Corns
Oreo Cookies
White Candy Coating

Take a cookie sheet and lay out a piece of wax paper on it.
Grab your bag of pretzel sticks and hand to your over zealous toddler that is begging to help or your raging hormonal teen who just needs something to do, and have them break the pretzels in half. Smash the bag , Step on it, whatever just get them things broke :)
Pour the pretzels on the wax paper.
Repeat the pretzel step with the oreo cookies :)
Sprinkle the oreo cookies over the pretzel sticks.
Open your candy corns and sprinkle on top.
Open white Candy Coating and melt in 30 second intervals and stir. Repeat until smooth :) You can burn so be careful No one likes burnt chocolate :)
If your really domestic use a double boiler. No explanation for that because if you own a double boiler you know what your doing :)
Pour the Melted white chocolate candy coating on top of the pretzels,candy corn, and oreo cookies.
Place in the freezer to let it get set quickly because well i'm impatient and that's the way i get to eat it quicker... i mean give it away faster :)

Then once cold and solid take a butter knife and use the end to break into odd shapes.
Pick up a piece, Hold up to your mouth, say a big prayer that you would not gain a million pounds, and Enjoy!

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